Francina Armingol and Angel Victor Torres ask for explanations for the position of the Saharan government

head of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armingol, It distanced itself from the government’s position. Ask the head of government, Pedro Sanchez, to explain the new position on the Sahara.

The Balearic government has expressed itself internally, but also publicly. ermangole It renews its defense and support for the “rights of the Sahrawi people”. He expressed his hope that the agreement reached by the central government “to achieve what has been required for years, which is the free desert.”

This was indicated by Armengol in Parliament, where he noted that “the international situation and politics depend on Spain”, which is why they requested the appearance of the minister.

We will continue to take care of the Sahrawi people From cooperation and understanding that they are a people who have suffered for 40 years and have a great connection with Spain. “The government will always remain on the basis of human and international rights,” he added.

UN-backed solution

President of the Canary Islands Angel Victor TorresIn the Canary Parliament, he argued that the solution must be “accepted by all parties” and backed by the United Nations.

“The solution must be just and permanent. Any proposal put on the table must be so.” before both Polisario FrontAs for the Kingdom of Morocco,“, pointed out.

Sanchez will appear in Congress

Pedro Sanchez’s decision represents a A change historical norm for Spain, but also for PSOE. The traditional position of the socialists was to respect the right of self-determination of the Sahrawi people. However, it is now added to the Moroccan position.

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Up to 11 matches Sign the petition that the prime minister Shows In the House of Representatives about the resolution. It will be then, when he will explain the position of the Executive Authority against Western Sahara.

However, it won’t be until next week when he appears. So farJose Manuel ParisThe Secretary of State is the person who will speak to provide clarifications.

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