Francesca Jones. An eight-toed tennis player will play the Australian Open

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to have Fewer fingers and toes That a person’s habit has never been a hindrance to him Francesca JonesThe woman who set out to be a tennis player despite her physical disability will make history in 2021 by competing in the main draw for the Australian Open.

Francesca Jones 15 finger

Born in Leeds, UK, He only has 15 out of 20 fingers Between hands and feet, but regardless, she reached her first major tournament of the year in tennis through the qualifying rounds, overwhelmingly defeating Chinese Lu Jiajing 6-0, 6-1.

“My syndrome is extremely rare, and there are many symptoms. My country is that I have three toes on my right foot, four on the left and four on each handThe 20-year-old explained in an interview with the International Tennis Federation.

“Doctors told me I couldn’t play tennis. My reaction was: “I’ll prove them wrong”“.

What is Francesca Jones Syndrome?

The genetic disease that you suffer from is a form of ectrodactilia, Which is characterized by limb deformity that mainly affects balance.

“When you have lower toes, it is more difficult to gain weight on your feet.”Jones explained, explaining that because of this disease he has a higher risk of infection.

When is the Australian Open tennis tournament?

The Australian Open is set to begin February 8A month after the usual date on which it begins, due to the coronavirus epidemic and the sanitary measures imposed by the government of that country, demanding The quarantine period For all these players who will participate.

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