The search for survivors intensified after Friday’s earthquake in Indonesia

IndonesiaAnd the EarthquakeAnd the SurvivorsAnd the Famous People

JAKARTA, January 18 – More than 72 hours after the earthquake struck the island of Sulawesi early Friday, Indonesian authorities today speeded up rescue efforts in hopes of finding survivors.

The situation is particularly tense in the city of Mamuju, 36 km north of the epicenter of the magnitude 6.2 earthquake. There it was more devastating because it fell only 18 kilometers deep.

In it, the capital of Sulawesi, the tremor caused 70 of the 81 deaths reported so far, a number that is likely to rise as rescue teams fear that people will continue to be under the rubble of dozens of buildings.

This suspicion almost became certain in the case of a hospital, as at the time of the earthquake there were a large number of doctors, health workers, patients and relatives.

The island authorities mobilized more rescue forces and called on humanitarian organizations and volunteers to join the search for survivors and help the victims, tasks complicated by the constant rains in the region.

This is the second major earthquake to hit the Celebes Islands in less than three years. In September 2018, a tsunami of magnitude 7.5 and a subsequent tsunami left about 4,300 people dead or missing.

With more than 10 thousand islands and on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, the Indonesian archipelago was formed by the convergence of three large tectonic plates, defining vigorous activity of the Taleori.

Every year the country records about 7,000 earthquakes of varying intensity. (Text and image: PL)

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