France elects the 81 members of the European Parliament who are favored by the far right

There are 38 lists competing for appointment at the ballot boxes, the last of a national nature under the administration of President Emmanuel Macron, although only seven of them obtained at least five percent of voting intentions at the ballot boxes, which is the specific threshold to which he aspires. Seats in the European Parliament.

As happened in the European elections five years ago, the percentage of abstentions from voting is expected to rise, which may reach about half of those registered on the register.

The nationalist National Rally, which has been identified with the far-right, is widely ahead in all opinion polls, with 34% support, which, if achieved, would allow it to go from the current twenty members of the European Parliament to thirty.

Based on opinion studies, the campaigns carried out by the ruling party and the leftist criticism of the organization led by Marine Le Pen and at the top of the list is Jordan Bardella, who is accused of anti-Europeanism and aggressive rhetoric towards it. Immigration.

France is not an isolated case due to the rise of the extreme right, a trend that exists to a greater or lesser extent in other member states of the European Union, a scenario attributed to times of economic crises and popular unrest experienced by the Old Continent. an experience.

Behind the National Front, opinion polls place the ruling party and its allies and the Socialist Party/Public Square, both far from the 20 percent support rating.

In recent weeks, La Francia Insomesa’s support has improved in opinion polls, approaching 10 percent of voting intentions, ahead of conservative force Los Republicanos (seven), the far-right Restitution Party (six) and environmentalists (six). ). six).

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The deadline for announcing the results is June 13, while the 720 representatives in the European Parliament will begin exercising their duties on July 16.


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