Nearly 100 black cats found in an abandoned house in the UK | today’s news

The animal shelter was able to catch 52 cats, and there are still more than 40 waiting to be rescued.

Image: Sanctuary Animal Rescue UK

Rescue animals in a safe havenanimal shelter United kingdomShe recently rescued cats that were in an abandoned house located in the town of Dartford, in the southeastern region of England. This case greatly surprised rescuers, because it was so Nearly 100 cats, most of them black.

“We were contacted by someone who had recently recovered a property he had left with some cats and a message to contact the rescue. Originally, We learned that there were about 20 cats, including pregnant females and kittens. However, once we appeared, We realized that the problem was much bigger than that.“, the institution stated on its social networks.

According to the shelter, arrest 52 cat And even There are more than 40 people waiting to be rescued. Among those who have already recovered, there are 6 mothers, 24 kittens less than six weeks old and six pregnant females. About 20 people were found inside the property and the others in bushes surrounding the house.

elise bradley, A member of the organization, which is based in Chelsfield, said that finding such a large number of black cats on a property was amazing. “Very strange”. “It’s true that a lot of people are superstitious about black cats or don’t think they’re pretty enough to be adopted. Sometimes people don’t want black cats because they think they’re more likely to get run over at night,” Bradley told the BBC.

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According to Bardley, they have had to put some cats down while they wait for others to be rehomed: “It definitely takes longer to rehome black cats, 100 a lot.”

The organization is also seeking donations, as it has to pay for the animals’ treatment costs. “We will have to pay for over 60 cats to be treated for fleas and worms, as well as vaccinations, microchips and any other veterinary treatment they may need, so we need all the financial support we can get,” Elise told the BBC.

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