Four days before the elections! Who is Gabriel Boric, the far left candidate in Chile?

Chili pepper-. Every time there is less than expected Presidential election employment Chile. And in this scenario, competition is polarized in double digits. To the far right, pop up Jose Antonio Cast, who is leading the polls now. But he will not be able to avoid the ballot, since he will have to face his opponent. It’s about the left-wing leader Gabriel Borek, who intends to end the neoliberal model that has prevailed for decades.

Borek’s victory in the primaries in July made him the candidate of the coalition of the left wide front and the Communist Party. At just 35 years old, the graduate – although not graduated – in law from the University of Chile is striving to become the youngest elected president of the world’s largest copper producer, according to the agency. Reuters.

Despite reaching a nearly maximum record of 35,000 signatures that endorsed his candidacy, he comfortably beat the popular capital’s mayor Daniel Good – From the Communist Party – to be the bloc’s speech. “Don’t be afraid of young people changing this country,” he said in his speech when he won the bloc’s nomination. I agree to dignity.

With his candidacy for the presidency of the La Moneda Palace, his old portrait with disheveled hair and a very thick beard I knew him from his time as prime minister. University of Chile Student Union. A native of Punta Arenas, in the far south of Chile, he was one of the leaders of the student protests that erupted in 2011 during the first government of the United Arab Emirates. Sebastian Pinera Demand greater educational rights.

During the campaign, he was the target of those who considered him to have little experience of the importance of the position, which led to errors in handling various financial figures. He explained after questions: “The important thing for us is that when I’m wrong in terms of numbers we will have a team that supports us.” Almost in the final phase of the campaign, Borek had to suspend his activities for a week and go into quarantine when he was positive for COVID-19.

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