Iran resumes production of advanced parts of its nuclear program

Iran government announce it Equipment Reproduction For advanced centrifuges in facilities nuclear The Wall Street Journal, citing diplomats from Western countries familiar with the matter, reported that they are from the city of Karaj, which the International Atomic Energy Agency has been unable to access for months.

According to information on the RTenespaƱol website, production at the Karaj plant resumed in August 2021, but its productivity has recently increased to much higher levels. At the same time, it was revealed Many 170 centrifuges Newly built outposts of produced parts in Karaj were installed in Fordow, a underground fortified factory Uranium enrichment.

These actions could allow Iran to begin covertly turning parts into centrifuges if it chooses to create a clandestine nuclear weapons program, the Wall Street Journal says, although diplomats note that there is no evidence yet that the Iranian government has taken such action. Action.


The situation is exacerbated by the fact that The International Atomic Energy Agency is unable to monitor Karaj’s activity Since June 2021, because the Islamic Republic does not allow nuclear inspectors to access the site. The Iranian authorities explained that their position was due to the fact that the investigation into the installation attack Committed in June 2021 with the help of a manned drone.

Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program have stalled since the election of President Ebrahim Raisi in June 2021. A senior official in Tehran declared this month that talks to join the 2015 deal are doomed to fail if the Biden administration does not provide “guarantees” to the Islamic Republic.

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Talks to resume Iran’s reintegration into the 2015 agreement are expected to take place in Vienna, Austria, at the end of November, with the participation of the United States, the United Kingdom, China, France, Germany and Russia.

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