Four confirmed deaths during a police operation in Haiti – Prinsa Latina

About 24 hours after the events, which were flooded with tragic images of social networks, the director determined that three victims were still in the hospital.

The day before, a group of specialized police stormed into Ciudad de Dios, a town at the southern entrance to the capital, where armed gangs enforce the law. It is one of the regions with the highest number of kidnappings, while the Haitian National Police has been trying for months to regain control, without success.

In the network of networks, you can see the corpses of men in maimed uniforms and armed men firing on the corpses. In other photos, several people attacked an armored truck and set another truck on fire.

President Juvenil Moise described the events as “disgusting” and promised to respond to the gangs responsible.

“The masters of the village of De Dieu, make the necessary arrangements. We go for you. The President said in a threatening tone during Friday’s intervention on social networks, whatever it is, we are going for you.”

By offering condolences to relatives and describing the fallen policemen as “heroes,” Moyes also asked political opponents, who had not been aware of him as president since February 7, to confront the insecurity.

We must unite to combat this scourge of insecurity. This is the truce that I ask of you, from moral forces, spiritual powers, youth, and from everyone. Let’s unite to fight insecurity. “

Prime Minister Joseph Guth also ordered a systematic search for containers from abroad entering the country, about 400 containers per month, and revealed that last week around 8,000 cartridges and firearms were seized in one of them.

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So far the victims in the gang field are unknown.

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