Formula 1: Expect a fun weekend at the Silverstone circuit in the UK

As expected, Red Bull completely dominated the track in Austria last weekend Formula 1.

Now the action moves to the UK, to the Silverstone circuit, and with the UK being the birthplace of many racers and home to some teams (McLaren, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Williams), this weekend. One of the most exciting seasons.

This past weekend saw Red Bull continue its march towards the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships, but it could also see an improvement in the performance of teams that had previously announced their upgrades, namely McLaren and Ferrari.


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Both teams managed to get one of their drivers to finish in the top five, which is a huge improvement, especially for McLaren, who gave the biggest update of the season last weekend. This puts McLaren in a better position when these updates are made to Oscar Piastri’s car, as it could put both McLarens in the top ten for the rest of the season. Given that the UK is the birthplace of Lando Norris, if McLaren can emulate the pace they took in Austria, we could see Norris pick up the top five again.

In the case of Ferrari, it looked much stronger and they could have outpaced Mercedes and Aston Martin all weekend.. Even if they can’t match the speed of Red Bull, they have been able to show that their upgrades appear to have resulted in benefits to their cars and could make them contenders for the constructors’ prize.

“There is a huge gap between us and Red Bull, and I think we will close the gap with an improvement, which I think would be naive and unrealistic,” Carlos Sainz (Ferrari driver) told Motorsport Week.

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However, it appears the team’s focus will primarily be on continuing to position itself ahead of Aston Martin and Mercedes, in order to ensure they position themselves in the battle for the constructors’ prize.. This will obviously depend on their performance for the remainder of the season, especially when we have seen that Ferrari have had many problems with their strategies.

Two teams that surprisingly did not perform as expected were Mercedes and Aston Martin. Both teams were unable to perform as expected after the latest updates and thus ended up behind Red Bull and thus the podium.

In the case of the Mercedes team, Toto Wolff (team principal) has confirmed that they will come up with new updates for Silverstone, as well as new ideas regarding strategies and plans for Sunday. Wolff is confident they still have a chance to reduce Red Bull’s lead over them, which would put the team ahead of Aston Martin and Ferrari.

Another direct competitor, Aston Martin, will also have the opportunity to claim itself in its home country. This past weekend, Alonso finished fifth, but he was upfront about his car coming with upgrades that couldn’t hold true given it was a Sprint race weekend.

“Honestly, there was nothing wrong with the car, but we weren’t fast enough. The balance was good, everything was fine, but we struggled all weekend. Alonso commented on

The Silverstone circuit is very similar to the Barcelona circuit several weekends ago where Aston Martin didn’t perform as well either, so unless they learn from their mistakes and identify why they didn’t perform well in Austria, we could see Alonso off the field. platform again.

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Aside from the teams and riders who have excelled in recent races, Checo Pérez is back in third place after qualifying 15th, which marks the resurgence of the Riders Award contender, another potential contender. Game for the first places.

The Williams team, on the other hand, has seen its rider Alex Albon remain contentious, and given that it is part British (British-Thai) and its team is English, it wouldn’t be surprising if it took another weekend’s points by placing. in the top ten.

Apart from what is expected this weekend, it should be noted that three teams will be using new “livery” for their cars, and new Pirelli tires will also be tested, which seek to adapt to the new specifications of the cars currently in production. More speed and downforce.

It remains to be seen what the weather will be like over the weekend, which according to forecasts is likely to rain on Saturday, when the qualifiers take place.

The event will be Sunday at 10:00 am Puerto Rican time.

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