Soumar highlights the role of science park promotion, as an example on a national level

The coalition meets with representatives of the Granada Foundation, which it describes as the “standard”

writing | July 6, 2023

Visit the Science Park (Sumar)

The two candidates holding the starting positions in the list of Somar Andalucia for the province of Granada, Martina Velarde and José Eduardo Muñoz, met Thursday morning, July 6, with the representatives of the Parque de las Ciencias, an institution that has since described the alliance as a “standard of reference” and that it is approaching its 30th anniversary, in Preparing for the July 23rd Election Campaign.

In this sense, Martina Velarde, first candidate of the Progressive Coalition and Secretary General of Podemos Andalucia, indicated that it is necessary to “give the park the push it needs”, and stressed that the formation of Sumar “will work towards” putting the value of the Parque de las Ciencias, which is one of the references At the Andalusian and national level of scientific publishing.

In addition, Vilardi also wanted to emphasize the potential and social role that the Science Park plays at the municipal and provincial levels, since it is a reference institution in terms of the dissemination and knowledge of topics related to nature, natural history, the universe and the environment. In this sense, the candidate indicated that “Granada should be a role model given the importance of the educational work” that is being done.

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