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According to a new book that cites former staff members of the British royal family, the UK’s King Charles III is a “very demanding president” who has a “fierce temperament and fierce work ethic” and is always open to suggestions from “external advisors”.

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In Valentine Low’s recent book, “Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown,” You can read stories and anecdotes A former Royal Labour, who had come at the time to work with then Prince Charles. The journalist and expert on the British royal family made little progress through the newspaper .

King Carlos III, a “demanding chief”

One of Lu’s most important revelations is how the new king always expected a lot from his staff, above all, one of the journalist’s sources claims, because “He’s too demanding with himself.”.

Charles III, King of the United Kingdom. (Photo: AFP)

Monarch “Always works. Seven days a week. So at any moment he might want to call you for something… The tempo is very strong.” Therefore, his ascension to the crown would bring an endless number of changes to Buckingham Palace. About the new king, the author asserts that “those around him work in very harsh conditions. The king knows what he wants and is not afraid of hard work.

Carlos III “easily falls under the spell of others”

Another source who preferred to remain anonymous also confirmed how, about the new king, there appears to be some competition to see who wins his trust:Everyone wants to be close to the power that surrounds the king And the late Queen, and see what they can get.”

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According to Low, The King is always open to suggestions from ‘external advisors’Whether they are celebrities or businessmen, which “can lead to problems for the British royal family” because Carlos, as one source asserts, “easily falls under the spell of others”.

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