Calvino highlights the government’s determination to take “necessary” measures in financial matters

Madrid, 28 (European press)

The First Vice President of the Republic and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvino, confirmed this Wednesday that the facts show the government’s “determination” to take advantage of “all tools and take the necessary measures”, including selective or generalized taxes. The cuts have also been done so far, to deal with the current situation marked by high prices.

In statements to the press after his meeting with the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the Vice-President indicated that the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, is in the process of finalizing the outline of the set of financial measures that will be included in the common law. State budgets 2023, which will be presented in the coming days.

The Vice President stressed that the executive branch does not have an ideological position regarding tax cuts, evidence of this is the tax cuts made in recent months when they were considered “necessary” to support the population or sectors most affected. “We have done it, we are doing it and we will continue to do it, but without jeopardizing our financial sustainability,” he stressed.

In the face of this, the finance official of the government expressed her rejection of the “Spain model” initiated by the autonomous communities governed by the PP, which consisted of a tax race between the various regions. He warned that “in the end he puts some lands against each other and puts some citizens against others and ends up impoverishing us all.”

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“It does not respond to our vision of a cohesive country to start a race to the bottom in taxation that ends up damaging the solvency of public accounts and weakening the welfare state,” he asserted.

UK situation alert on tax fees

In this sense, he warned of the situation in the United Kingdom after the announcement of tax cuts for large fortunes, which led to the devaluation of the pound, a very large rise in interest rates on public debt, and the payment of the Intervention Bank. England stops the drift in financial markets that shows a loss of confidence.

He stressed that “from the government, we have published a responsible economic policy that accurately explains the strong confidence of the financial markets of all our partners and international organizations in the Government of Spain and we must continue on this path.”

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