Lilia Cedillo receives re-accreditation of her MBBS study plan

For the fourth year in a row, the BUAP Bachelor of Medicine has been reaccredited by the Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education (COMAEM), which represents compliance with the criteria, indicators and quality standards of the study plan. It is one of the career options of this study house with the highest enrollment: about 5 thousand students.

Receiving this plaque of recognition, from the hand of COMAEM Technical and Operational Secretary, Juan Hernández Hernández, Rector Lilia Cedillo Ramírez highlighted the importance of assessment and certification processes undertaken by their academic peers, as they represent opportunities for improvement and for consideration of challenges.

But he stressed that the students who benefit most are students who enjoy peace of mind and confidence in training backed by a good curriculum. This “opens the doors of hospitals and provides them with opportunities at home and abroad,” he said.

For the institution, added Dr. Cedillo, it is essential to have these credits that take into account the quality of their study plans, and in the case of medicine, this is critical because of the responsibility and social commitment that health professional training represents.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you this joy in this honor of the College of Medicine, which shows the solidarity and teamwork of its directors, teachers, administrators and students. It is an honor to know that we contribute to the training of quality health professionals, in the hands of those who keep the health of Mexicans and family lives at stake.”

For his part, the Technical and Operational Secretary of COMAEM, a body that evaluates the quality of medical colleges and colleges in Mexico and Central and South America, recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, Juan Hernández Hernández, reported that there are 170 medical schools in the country, of which 91 are accredited. In the case of BUAP, he explained that it is one of the universities with the highest number of awards and prestige in the country.

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Referring to the re-accreditation of the Bachelor of Medicine, which is valid for five years (until May 23, 2027), he made it clear that he supports compliance with quality standards, as a result of evaluation by his academic peers in organization, structure and operation. Teaching and learning process and outcomes, among other indicators examined.

“This accreditation benefits educational institutions, students, alumni, employers, but above all society, due to better quality medical education, better practice for its professionals, and better healthcare,” he commented.

For his part, Luis Guillermo Vásquez de Lara Cisneros, Director of the Faculty of Medicine, thanked the collaborative work, as this achievement is the result of a coordinated exercise between the academic, administrative and student staff. “Without this coordination, this would not have been possible,” he said.

The award ceremony, which took place in the Graduate School of Medicine building, was attended by the MBBS coordinator, Guillermo Muñoz Zurita, as well as teachers and staff from this academic unit.

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