Forensic science confirms skeleton found in Rio Grande matches young man reported missing

he Institute of Forensic Sciences ICF confirmed this with dental x-rays. The human remains were found last Monday in Rio Grande It corresponds to Jomar Principe Rodriguez, who has been reported missing since December of last year when he was last seen in the urban area of ​​Villas de Luisa, in Canovanas.

“A family member authorized to conduct the identification process was notified today that the forensic dentist’s report concluded that the remains in ICF’s custody correspond to Principe Rodriguez, who was reported missing. An autopsy has been performed and once the anthropological analysis is complete, the young man’s remains will be ready to be delivered to the funeral home of the family’s choice.”the agency said in written statements.

On July 2, an ongoing FBI investigation into several violent crimes led federal agents to the skeleton found in the Estancias del Sol neighborhood, and state authorities were later notified of the discovery.

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