Business Leaders Present Assembly to Support the MSME Economy in Sonora from the Federal Government

Hermosillo, Sonora. – Business leaders presented the NGO in Sonora “Entrepreneurs for the Fourth National Transformation”, which will be a link between the federal government and MSMEs to support them financially.


Gustavo Adolfo Morton, President of the Council “Entrepreneurs for the Fourth National Transformation” in Nuevo Leon, explained that this organization aims to improve the conditions for the growth and development of all types of companies through various support.

“We formed Entrepreneurs Transformation 4 because we saw a need for young entrepreneurs to have so many needs and we were forgotten.

Micro and Medium Entrepreneur, From 1 Employee to 250 Employees, We are making linkages with Federal Government to support all entrepreneurs who need Federal Government support, accreditations, courses, onboarding, export routes and connect them with other markets. Gustavo Adolfo Morton explained: “We have signed agreements with almost all South American countries, as well as agreements with all Mexican consulates.


The businessman added, “Anyone who wants to participate with us can access all that information to sell and export their products.”

Gustavo Adolfo Morton also protested as State Councilor Victor Manuel Colossio Moreta, brother of Luis Donaldo Colossio Moreta, and businessman Francisco Basilio Ruiz Tapia as state representative of the Civic Assembly of Sonora.

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