Flights from the UK to Mallorca carry around 100 passengers on average | Airlines news

Flights to Mallorca from the United Kingdom carried an average of 101 passengers on Friday, given that Palma airport on that day recorded the movement of 138 aircraft, of origin and destination with the United Kingdom, according to data from AENA-Palma. A total of more than 14,000 British travelers.

Bookings for flights from the UK to Mallorca soared in the past week due to increased demand, which is why airlines have boosted their schedules and expanded their routes from British airports to Son Saint Juan.

The fact that school holidays are starting in the UK, according to tour operators and airlines, explains this increase in aircraft and passenger traffic, according to Ultima Hora.

Jet2, Ryanair, Easyjet and British Airways have noticed how the occupancy of flights has gradually increased since the 19th century. Forecasts for the next few weeks may follow the trend as the British government will not update its health traffic light until the first week of August.

There is a risk that Spain will move from the Amber List to the Amber Plus list, which means that British tourists will have to comply with quarantine upon returning home.

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