‘818’: details of Kendall Jenner’s successful tequila brand

United State. – Kendall Jenner sweeps its brand tequilaHe recently republished a photo showing the three men who had been sold. trade mark 818 It is currently sold in more than 80 countries. According to experts in this field, the drink is of very good quality.

Kendall Jenner She’s always been the quietest member of the famous clan, being the only one who doesn’t have her own brand dedicated to makeup or esthetics. Kendall decided to start modeling at a very young age and was able to build a reputation in the modeling world. But when it came to becoming a businesswoman, she chose to quit her job.

The name originates from the area code for Los Angeles, California, to which the archetype belongs. Tequila can be found in three types, aged, white and reposado. Despite this, she was the victim of criticism from the Mexican community who accused her of cultural appropriation over an advertising campaign for the brand, in which the model uses a typical Mexican-style hat and braids.

Instagram: Kendall Jenner

Jenner isn’t the only celebrity who prefers tequila when it comes to selling drinks, like a basketball player LeBron James Is also. It seems to be a very profitable business in itself, as tequila is very popular among young people today. The culture of taking shots of this drink at parties makes it the first choice for this practice, although it is not highly recommended, as tequila is very strong.

But criticism hasn’t stopped the model, thanks to the fact that her drink continues to break sales and quality records where it awarded it “World Tequila Awards“Because of tequila, a variety of ‘reposado.’ The brand uses traditional production methods and is manufactured in the Mexican city of Jalisco.

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