First look at Maria Menounos in romantic comedy ‘Christmas at Plumhill Manor’ as production wraps in UK

Exclusive: Narrative images have blanketed the production christmas At Bloomhill Manor, A romantic comedy set in the heart of the UK countryside.

Maria Menounos (Christmas Dating Guide, Footnote, Fantastic Four) leads the cast with Brian Herzlinger (My Date with Drew, Christmas Dating Guide) leader.

Menounos plays Margot Stone, a powerful, modern New York City architect with a life as organized as a planner.

All this changes when she learns, on Christmas Eve, that her great-aunt has left her a century-old mansion in the picturesque English town of Plumhill.

Margot quickly realized that in addition to its rich history, the property was ripe and legally suitable for commercial redevelopment.

Christmas at Bloomhill Manor Produced by Mark Fiennes, Lucinda Rhodes Thackerar, Adam Scott Epstein and Daniel Levine, whose previous UK projects include the BAFTA Award-winning film. Lion. Menounos will executive produce alongside her production company We Heart Holidays.

Kyle Pryor (At home and away) joins Menounos as Alfie Bailey, a talented local cider maker who is concerned about Margot’s fatal resume.

Despite the odds, amidst festive markets, swirling snow and unexpectedly sensual Christmas treats, Alfie’s passion for the city is as intoxicating as craft beer. As Margot’s architecture firm strives to rebuild the area, Margot uncovers a historical mystery as inspiring as the season itself, connecting two powerful women across time.

Caroline Colome joins Menounos and Pryor in the cast. (when the screaming starts)Joseph Melson (The Dancer: A Christmas Carol) And Carol Royal (Sayy).

It was a magical shoot on location in the English countryside. This cast was truly incredible. “It’s fun to add a little bit of historical mystery to the Christmas cheer and a touch of suspense,” says Menounos.

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Christmas at Bloomhill Manor It marks the third collaboration between Menounos and Herzlinger

“Maria’s vibrant energy and heartfelt performance brought Margot Stone to life. We were so lucky to have the cast we had, and all of their performances made this film truly special,” Herzlinger said.

The film marks the first release from Narative Pictures, a new production company within the Narrative group of companies, which also includes Narative Capital, Narative Entertainment, the UK’s major cable and broadcast operator, and Narative Distribution, a new global company. film. and a US-based television distributor.

Doug Scheinman of Narrated Distribution will be selling domestically and internationally. Christmas at Bloomhill Manor As part of its growing list of movie and series releases.

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