First details of Contraband, an Xbox-exclusive video game

Xbox and Bethesda 90-minute conference at E3 2021 They gave a lot of themselves. We were able to see more games that have already been announced, learn about the new additions to Xbox Game Pass, and also discover previously unknown titles. This is the situation contraband, a new Xbox exclusive video game coming from Avalanche Studios (Mad Max, Just Cause, Rage). right Now The first details of the smuggled thanks for the Information It features Jez Corden, of Windows Central, who gave a first preview of what we can expect from a game rendered shrouded in mystery.

Smuggling is defined as a video game Heist, open world, co-op and actionAnd fun and amazing. The above information identifies the similarities between the new avalanche with sea ​​of ​​thieves, especially regarding the collaborative part of the proposal, which mixes it with the classic sandbox blasting typical of the Swedish company. The address will provide us Tools, weapons and vehicles To carry out our successful plans to rob a fictional island located in Southeast Asia.

New information from Second Extinction

However, the source insists that (unless something changes regarding the information they are dealing with),Weapons will be the last resort in smuggling. And the priority objective should always be to carry out burglaries and thefts in the cleanest way possible, without jeopardizing the safety of our vehicle. In this sense, enemy gangs They will try to get us out of the way To gain our resources instead of just trying to destroy us. Therefore, the Planning advance will be necessary. At the moment Contraband does not have a release date, but we know that it will arrive on Xbox Game Pass from day one and that it will be Exclusively for Xbox consoles.

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