First details and history of GTA IV Remastered are filtered

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be released on November 11, but we remember that before it was announced by Rockstar Games, this trilogy containing remasters from GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas was leaked on various occasions, as it just happened GTA IV Remastered, whose supposed first details and release date have been leaked.

This time it was an anonymous user via 4chan who will be First details and date of GTA IV Remastered have been leaked, which could become a reality. Grand Theft Auto fans have been dreaming of a GTA IV remaster for many years, and while we know this is just a leak, we can’t help but be excited to think that it could be real at some point.

First details and history of GTA IV Remastered are filtered

  • The release date for GTA IV Remastered is set for the last quarter of 2023.
  • The graphics could have been redesigned, so that they look similar to the company’s latest installments.
  • Liberty City will have more NPCs and a higher density of vehicles than the original action.
  • GTA 4 remaster will have small nods to the new GTA VI installment.

GTA IV looks amazing in 4K and Ray Tracing

Grand Theft Auto IV had a rather serious storyline compared to other games in the series, but the problem was that it was losing interest as the supposedly emotional scenes were punctuated by the chaos of the open world. The game takes place in Liberty City, a fictional city that is heavily based on modern New York City. The protagonist is Niko Bellic, an Eastern European veteran, who immigrated to the United States in search of an American dream promised to his cousin and, of course, was soon dragged into the criminal underworld.

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History of GTA IV Remastered

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