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the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom He opened his grand platinum jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace and had no better idea than to do so with another British icon: Paddington Bear. The king took advantage of a pleasant encounter with a figure of Peruvian origin to reveal one of the mysteries of his 70-year rule: What do you keep in your bag?

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In a pre-recorded theatrical broadcast in front of those in attendance at his platinum jubilee celebration on the square outside Buckingham Palace in London, The Queen showed off her comedy and acting skills While inviting Paddington Bear for tea.

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After Paddington thanked the King for hosting him during the platinum jubilee celebrations, The Queen asked: Tea?. Paddington Bear drinks straight from the kettle, leaving only a few drops for Elizabeth II, but she replies softly, “Don’t bother.”

“You’d probably like a jam sandwich,” says Paddington Bear, pulling one of his hats. He heard him say, “I always keep one for emergencies.” Me too. Says the king, He pulls a sandwich from his famous bag, an accessory rarely seen without it. “for later”.

The butler looks out the windows of Buckingham Palace and tells the Queen that the party is about to begin. “Happy Jubilee, madam,” says Paddington. “And thanks… for everything.” The Queen replied, “That’s very nice.”

Outside, drummers start it Play the famous song from “We Will Rock You” From the legendary band Queen. Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington collaborate by clicking their spoons on teacups. Queen + Adam Lambert opened the party, which was attended by many famous artists.

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Paddington Bear and the Kings

he is This is not the first time he has met Paddington Bear with British kings. In 2017, a character dressed as the character danced with Katherine of Cambridge when she appeared at a train station named after the bear in London alongside Prince William and Prince Harry.

he is This is not the first time that Queen Elizabeth II has acted. At the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, King appeared in scenes alongside Daniel Craig as James Bond.

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