Feast of the Immaculate Virgin of Concepción is indeed an intangible cultural heritage of the nation – Last Hour News from Guatemala

The Ministry of Culture and Sport Advertise for Shepherd’s Feast of the Immaculate Virgin of Concepción de Villa Nueva, Guatemala, a The intangible cultural heritage of the nation. The act was held in the diocese of the aforementioned municipality. The event was presented by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Felipe Aguilar, along with the local mayor, Javier Gramago, and parish priest for the city, Victor Pamal.

The dated Jose Luis Gonzalez Velasco noted that the passage of nearly 350 years In memorial of Eid said, and that the picture had pilgrimage with grandparents. “Ancient Temple of Concepción is located in colonial Pitaba”. The second seat was opened on December 8, 1673 in honor of Our Lady.


new villa It was established between 1762 and 1763, and its celebration lasts for 8 months. “We have worked for more than 10 years investigating our ceremony and confirming that it is the largest celebration in America. The feast is not only in the temple, but also reaches the homes, because as of the 20th of April every year the five virgins leave the temple and are received by 500 families who pray the Holy Rosary in honor for the Immaculate Rope”, Gonzalez said.

The Ministerial Agreement 1280-2021 He cites that the Shepherd’s Feast combines a variety of cultural, religious, social, economic and artistic manifestations, which have been inherited over time and define the peculiarity of an entire people.

At the Ministry of Culture and Sports, we analyzed every element of this faith heritage. Here music, color and lively culture are combined to be admired from every side. Our commitment is to encourage these traditions to spread and allow them to become an engine for population development.”Aguilar noted.

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Likewise the priest Pamal said: “Today is a special day for Villa Nueva, because we have received from the Ministry of Culture and Sports this announcement that allows us to officially recognize the value of our faith around the devotion of the Immaculate Conception; thank you for appreciating the work of everyone who participated in promoting this tradition”.

The Mayor of Gramago He expressed that it is a historic moment, because it is such an honor to be a part of the celebration. “We thank President AAlexander Giamatti NS Minister AguilarBecause this action strengthens the hearts of the scoundrels.”

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