FC Barcelona did not conclude a contract with two sponsors in a timely manner worth more than 63 million dollars | football | Sports

There were talks with two companies, the Barcelona team did not accept the proposal at first, then everything was complicated by the departure of Leo Messi from the team.


The F.C.B In recent months, I rejected two offers from Shepherds They wanted to announce the front of the Barcelona shirt from the 2022-2023 school year.

As the agency learned EFEOne of them was from a “cryptocurrency exchange” (cryptocurrency exchange point) and the other was from an Indian company dedicated to Online education, which are over 55 million euros a year.

Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of the companies Three biggest in its segment It came to offer 70 million plus a bonus of 20% depending on the performance of the men’s soccer first team.

The show even passed all of the club’s internal controls, including the “compliance” department, which is responsible for internal and external regulatory compliance, but it didn’t convince either the commercial or the board of directors because it controversial sector.

The reason for breaking the negotiations that Barcelona offered to the company, which participates in major events in the United States, was that it could get more money by sponsoring its shirt.

With better eyes, Laporta received Offer from an Indian company Dedicated to online education, which came this summer to offer 58 million euros plus a bonus of 15% which matches the values ​​advocated by FC Barcelona.

By its nature, sponsorship can contain collaborations with academies Barcelona and with him Barcelona Innovation Center (Technological innovation field).

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But, despite the fact that the company was significantly increasing the initial amount it offered of 40 million, some executives in the Catalan entity wanted it to exceed 60 million annually and negotiations were postponed when it was about to expire in May. Until the beginning of August came Goodbye Leo Messi, Barcelona’s best asset, and everything crashed.

Then the company, and despite Laporta’s desperate response, held a remote meeting, it was too late and There was no going back.

Until now There is no negotiation On the verge of closing to be Rakuten’s relief from June 30, 2022, which this season pays €30m more variable.

But Barcelona is exploring the path that the board of directors will follow Josep Maria Bartomeu. Part of the CEO of FC Barcelona is interested in an investment fund owned by the Saudi government, which contributes €100 million annually to sponsor it.

The choice is to meet a lot of reluctance within the club, as the General Assembly of the last committees agreed to include in the statutes a commitment Fighting gender discriminationhomophobia sexism and the Racism, Values ​​that do not align with this care.

As of November 2021, FC Barcelona had 29 sponsors, 11 fewer than in April 2019, when the historic record of 40 was set.

And in the commercial department, which feels underserved by the presidency and executives, it is feared that at worst, Lose ten more at the end of this exercise. And the part on the left sleeve, which was left blank after Picot’s resignation, is nowhere near closed either.

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At the end of July, Jordi Camps, Barcelona’s third commercial director during 2021, announced that he was leaving his position and had not yet found a replacement. (Dr)

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