Oriol Antolí wins the Suffolk Backyard Ultra after running 550km in three days

to win b Very backyard Not only do you have to run, you also have to beat your fatigue and your sanity. Oryol Antoli History was made in the test held in Suffolk (UK) for this extreme discipline. The Catalan ran 550 kilometers running for three and a half days Thus take the final victory. It is the absolute record of competition and the best Spanish brand in history.

Considered as an ultramarathon, toughness takes all participants to the limit: “Every hour is given a start, with which In an hour you have to do the tourThe contestants faced 200 a A loop with a length of 6.7 km in the forest. Oriole came out and left all his rivals on the canvas because He completed 82 laps, the eighth-best mark in the world. “I am very happy, it gives me a lot of confidence,” he admits to Antena 3 Deportes.

“I slept four or five minutes, maximum.”

One hour is the maximum duration per lap. Those who do not make it to court are excluded, but those who do arrive on time can take advantage of this: “You can use the time you have left Rest, change your shoes, sleep … “. Sleep is one of the most impressive aspects, as the Catalan runner admits: “I slept four or five minutes in a row at most. In the whole race the total will be half an hour.”

Sleep and hunger strategies

The importance Auriol gives to planning is absolute: “It is part of the race, almost the most important. If you arrive unprepared, you are not going anywhere.Knowing the rink, shoe type and weather will be the usual aspects, but superior backyards are another story: “You need strategies in case you feel sleepy or have stomach problems To find out how to fix it.

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If the order is already the limit in the 550-kilometer physical section, the head plays a more than defining role after one lap after another: “Mentally it’s hard to assume and I think it’s the most complex of the backyards.” The Catalan delves into his advice: “Don’t think about the end because you don’t know when it will be. There is no physical goal.”

“I thought I could have done more spins”

Predictably, Auriol Antoli ended up exhausted in his Suffolk backyard: “I’m really tired.” However, days later, he admitted his head was ambitious: “When we finished, I thought I could have done more.” The Belgians Meiren Gerts and Ivo Steaert held on absolute backyard record with 101 laps, 19 more than those completed by the Spanish runner. They are still far away, but for now The World Cup awaits in October In Tennessee (USA), Oriol Antoli has already submitted his candidacy.

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