Extensions to customize the look of any website in Firefox

To do this, as soon as we click on its icon in the toolbar, a sidebar will appear in which we can select the website element that we want to change, either Title and text text Among other things, to modify it. In addition, if we know its CSS, we can change its code and enable its mode Readability This will allow us to reduce the website to its basic elements, apply light, dark and sepia themes, and adjust the font and text width or font height.

If we want to use Stylebot to change the image of any website, we can install it from a file Mozilla add-ons store.


Pen, install themes or create your own style for website

This extension is a community-driven style manager that takes care of it Redesign our favorite sitesallowing us to easily install custom themes from popular online repositories or create, modify and manage our own custom CSS style sheets.

There are different themes to choose from, and even fun and random elements like the Nyan Cat YouTube progress bar, which could make this extension worth the download for that alone.

Its user interface is highly customizable, including optional themes and layouts, icon and badge color options, along with many other settings. It has two different optional code checkers with different rules that we can configure. Against that, it must be said that even the most inexperienced users may find its interface somewhat chaotic.

If we want to redesign our favorite websites, we can choose to download Stylus from a file Firefox add-on.


Tranquility Reader, improves the readability of the web interface

With this add-on for Firefox we will be able to make the interfaces of web pages more readable, eliminating any element that can distract us while trying to read any article, always keeping the main image and the entire body of text. We can extend Turn it on or off quickly With the click of a button and without the need to refresh the page.

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Among its features, it is worth noting that it provides compatibility with NoScript and allows us to save page content so that it is available offline, and has the ability to export and import content offline. It also allows us to customize the font, size and color, as well as the background color and width of the website’s reading area.

to me Use Tranquility Reader for free Just download it from the Mozilla Add-on Store.

the reader
the reader

Optimize, customize and completely change your YouTube appearance

As we can imagine from its name, this extension allows us to modify a large part of the interface of the popular video streaming platform. We can customize from the color of the player to the side of the screen where the list of recommended videos is displayed. get rid of Over 85 unique and useful features To improve the appearance of YouTube, the ability to configure the video player, theme, design and style of the platform.

Its most important feature is that it is an intuitive and easy-to-use plugin, because by simply pressing its button we will have access to the categories of the launcher, themes and appearance where we can select the elements to be modified simply by activating and deactivating any lever or slider, so that it can be used by all types of users.

YouTube Optimize is a free extension that we can download from a file Firefox addon store.

Youtube optimization!  (open source for youtube)
Youtube optimization!  (open source for youtube)

Stylish, style manager and editor for any website

By using this add-on for Firefox we will be able to Apply different styles to web pages Which we want, because we are dealing with a style manager and editor, aimed specifically at users who know CSS and want to dare to create their own customization layers to change the style of a website, thus improving our browsing experience.

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count by one Online Warehouse, so it will not be necessary for us to know how to write patterns, because we hardly need a few clicks to provide a website with the desired pattern. However, its main drawback is that many users warn that it contains spyware to record our web browsing history.

If we still want Download Stylish And to test it we can do it from the Firefox Store itself.

Stylish - custom themes for any website
Stylish - custom themes for any website

Web Blackout Extensions

If what we want is not highly capable of web design, but simply the ability to provide it with a darker mode to comfortably display its content, then we can choose

AutomaticDark, changes the Firefox theme based on the time of day

It is an extension with a very simple and useful function. With this tool, we will be able to change the Firefox theme depending on the time of day, so that both the browser and the content we are viewing become darkened with time.

For this we can share our location with AutomaticDark, so that it can automatically identify the ideal moment for a change. However, if we are concerned about our privacy, we can too Setting sunrise and sunset times manually.

While dark mode is something that has been around for a while, what really sets this add-on apart is that we don’t necessarily have to choose dark mode since there are 21 themes to choose from including those that are in Firefox by default. Although this does not affect the content of the site, it does help protect our eyes from exertion.

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Download AutomaticDark for free From the Firefox Store.

AutomaticDark - Time Based Theme Changer
AutomaticDark - Time Based Theme Changer

Turn off the lights, and dim the page when watching a video

This extension allows us to Completely black out any page This way we can watch any video as if we were in the cinema. It is compatible with major video playing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Twitch, Dailymotion, and others.

A simple click of the button will be enough for the page to start fading into completely dark so we can focus comfortably on the video. Once you press the button again, the page will return to normal. The extension automatically plays videos in high definition, which allows us to change the resolution up to 8k.

We can download Turn Off the Lights from mozilla store.

Turn off the lights
Turn off the lights

Dark Reader, adjust brightness and contrast when you visit a website

We are talking about a free and open source extension that is possible with it Set a dark theme for any website Which we visit in this way, we will be able to take care of our eyes any time we move. The plugin is responsible for creating a dark theme for the web that we visit instantly, inverting bright colors, making them contrasting and easy to read in low light situations, such as at night.

The extension allows us to adjust both brightness and contrast, use a sepia filter, sepia mode, and also configure fonts. In addition, it does not display advertisements and does not collect or transmit user information. Its main drawback is that its use can cause the browser to frequently slow down on certain web pages.

download darkreader From the Firefox add-on.

Dark Reader
Dark Reader

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