The UN Security Council reiterated its support for the peace process in Colombia

File photo of Marches for Peace in Colombia. Photo: Reuters

Through a statement, the United Nations Security Council (UN) It was approved on Friday afternoon “Full and unanimous support for the peace process in Colombia”. The international organization also celebrated the development “to a large extent”. Peaceful elections in the countrylike the great Number of women elected to the Congress of the Republic for the period 2022-2026.

The members of the Security Council also emphasized the The importance of ensuring the comprehensive implementation of the final peace agreement by the next government Gustavo PetroIn addition to Implementation of racial and gender provisions in the same.

In this context, they welcomed President-elect Gustavo Petro’s commitment to deepening its implementation and to seeking broader peace through dialogue with other illegal armed groups. “The members of the Security Council have been informed of the new government’s intention to enter into talks with the National Liberation Army,” the statement said.

Pietro, former senator and former mayor of Bogota, will rule Colombia Effective August 7 for the constitutional period 2022-2026, succeeding Ivan Duque.

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The members of the Security Council also noted the progress made in Special Judicial Authority for Peace (JEP) In recent months, including public hearings, in which the perpetrators admitted, the victims were presentTheir responsibility for crimes committed during the armed conflict.

Members of the Security Council They reaffirmed their commitment to work closely with Colombia to support the comprehensive implementation of the Final Peace Agreement and welcomed the commitment of the parties in this regard.‘, concluded the letter.

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Here is the full statement of the UN Security Council:

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