What is the most sporting city in the United States?

By Hiram Marine

Many major cities are contrary to the title, but one is dominant

In the vast majority of the most important cities of the American Federation There are teams of major sports leagues in the United States (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS), some have only one or two, but they are very representative and some have as many as two of each.

According to the number of teams in the so-called “big leagues”, two cities stand out above the rest and of course we refer to Los Angeles and New York, which together have up to 20 teams, almost all of whom are Tier 1 in the major circuits.

Los Angeles has the Lakers and Clippers in the NBA, Rams and Chargers in the NFL, Dodgers and Angels in MLB, Kings and Ducks in the NHL, as well as the Galaxy and LAFC in MLS, while New York has the Yankees and Mets in MLB. Giants and Jets in the NFL, Knicks and nets in the NBA, Islanders and Rangers in the NHL, Red Bulls and New York City in the NBA.

We can’t help but mention Chicago, which has the Cubs and White Sox in MLB, Bears in the NFL, Bulls in NBA, Blackhawks in NHL and Fire in MLS, or Philadelphia, which has Phillies in MLB, and Eagles in NFL, The 76ers in the NBA, the Flyers in the NHL and the Federation in the MLS.

One that cannot be missing from the list is Boston, with the Red Sox in the MLB, the Patriots in the NFL, the Celtics in the NBA, the Bruins in the NHL and Revolution in the MLS.

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Other locations to consider could be Dallas, Miami, Minneapolis, Denver and of course, Washington, DC, which also has at least one team in each of the major leagues.

Perhaps due to the competitiveness and quality of its teams at this time, we can point to Los Angeles as the most sporting city in the USA, although there will certainly be someone who will raise their hand for their position.

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