Explora Science Center will open an IMAX 3D room in 2023

Leon, Guanajuato /

It will be until next year when Explora Science Center In Lyon, a new IMAX 3D movie theater has opened, while the board of directors outlines a provider change in its viewing system.

This was announced by Gerardo Ibarra Aranda, Director of the Explora Science Center, who explained that they are still analyzing which company will be the company indicated to install the room in accordance with the contract.

“IMAX theater We will be introducing a calendar of activities soon, and by activities I mean the transformation process. The first assessment we have is that we will open IMAX for next year, and we don’t have the exact exact date right now, because the final calendar that the supplier gives us is until we sign the contract. Unfortunately, I don’t have the dates The set, certainly not this year, but 2023.”

The installation will be in the Leonardo da Vinci Hall, and will have a new billboard on which they will coordinate to find new film distributors. However, the type of films that will be broadcast has not been specified.

“We are in the process of evaluating. There are two major providers in this type of project: There is IMAX, which is what we have right now, and we are in talks with one called Digital 3D. Finally, the decision will be made by the board director that in the next few days the concessions will be awarded, so A more 3D proposal is currently being made to see which of the two remains last.”

Thanks to the laser projection technology that will be implemented, it will be possible to reduce energy consumption, since xenon gas lamps are currently used in the center.

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