Kate Bush responds to the success of ‘Running Up That Hill’

Kate Bush’s hit single continues to climb the charts.

A new chance for life

Award nominee amorous63 years old He shared his excitement about the renewed interest in his 1985 single “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” in a statement on his website. After the song was mainly featured in the recently released episodes of Stranger Things.

He wrote, “You may have heard that the first part of the wonderful and exciting new season of Stranger Things was recently released on Netflix.” he is “It contains the song Running Up That Hill, which is given by young fans who love the show a new lease on life. I love it too!”

“And for this, “Running Up That Hill” has charted worldwide and entered the UK chart at number eight. It’s all really exciting! Thank you very much to everyone who supported the song. I am looking forward to the rest of the series in July.”

Nearly 37 years later, it has taken over the charts

Since the first season of Stranger Things season 4 premiered last month on Netflix, The song has taken #1 on the iTunes Songs chart, as well as #4 on Spotify’s charts, nearly 37 years after the song debuted.

Bush’s movie “Running on That Hill” was first released in August 1985 under the title The lead single from their fifth album, Hounds of Love. the song It peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 when it was first released, and also reached number 3 in the United Kingdom.

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Winona Ryder is a fan of Kate Bush

Winona Ryderwho starred in Stranger Things as Joyce Byers, previously revealed He has long been campaigning to include Bush’s music in the nostalgic sci-fi series A group in the eighties.

“I’ve been obsessed with it since I was a little girl”Ryder, 50, told USA Today. “For the past seven years, I’ve also been throwing hints at my Kate Bush range of shirts.”

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