He ignored it: The former F1 driver mocks those who run Checo Pérez for the title

The controversy that has opened within Red Bull Racing in recent days has given substance to the cut and it seems that the center, at least that is publicly known, could serve Sergio. czech perez. Is this a chance that he can fight for the world rankings of Formula 1 drivers is a reality.

The Guadalajara He has adapted much better than Max Verstappen with the RB18, although the Dutchman is, at the moment, still the overall leader, while the Mexican is third. And while speculation is that the UK team will allow them to fight freely, a former F1 driver believes that is impossible czech perez You can fight for the title.

Chico ranks third in the drivers’ standings.

“It was fun to think about. I just don’t understand why Red Bull would give him that chance. The fight between Ferrari with Leclerc and Verstappen is very close. Anyway, it’s great that he won the race in Monaco.”Joleon Palmer, a former pilot, is released, with great confidence, in conversation with “F1TV”.

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