Evo Morales asks fighters of the American Socialist Movement for a “revolution within the revolution”

(EFE). – The ruling movement for socialism in Bolivia, headed by former President Evo Morales, decided after a national conference on Wednesday to apply “harsh penalties” to party members who follow a line of “right-wing” behavior. . “.

Morales said at a press conference following the conclusion of the day that his party also adapted its statute to the rules of the Supreme Court for Elections (TSE).

The event took place in the town of Lauca Ñ, in the tropics of the province of Cochabamba, which is the main political stronghold of the MAS movement, in the presence of a thousand militants among the honorary delegates, representatives and supporters of social organizations of workers and peasants. The indigenous people of Bolivia.

“Anyone who does not respect the ideological part of the American air movement (…) and if they are from the right wing, severe sanctions will be imposed on them,” Morales said.

At the opening of the conference, which was attended by senior leaders of MAS such as the President of the country, Luis Arce, as well as the presidents of the Senate, Andoniko Rodriguez, and the House of Representatives, Freddy Mamamani Laura, the focus was on unity. within the ruling party.

Ars, who preceded Morales in his speech, said there may be “discussions and disagreements” within the movement, however, “there can never be a betrayal of the political tool,” he said.

Morales asked the militants to make a “revolution within the revolution” with people showing conviction and no interest, the latter causing problems within the political organization.

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Although at the time of the conclusions, Morales did not mention the type of penalties in detail, he did mention that the procedure adopted includes decisions of the internal ethics committee and a decision that will be submitted to the Electoral College to “enforce order.”

“Our opponents’ plan was to fail the conference, the dirty campaign by the networks has empowered us and we are here united,” Morales said at the end of the day, referring to the transcription of the internal divisions that preceded the meeting.

“Our opponents’ plan was to fail the conference, and this dirty network campaign is our strength and we are here united.”

Morales said the MAS conference was also intended to align its laws with the laws and regulations established by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, something we “did.”

The President and the former head of that political party emphasized that new secretariats such as the Youth, Science, Technology and Communication secretariats had been established within the Organization as outstanding aspects.

At the MAS conference, Morales said, a statement was also issued declaring internet access a “human right” because during the pandemic there have been difficulties connecting to remote classrooms with high costs per day.

“In two years, it (internet connection) should be free in all schools, both in the countryside and in the city,” said the former Bolivian president, “and that’s something we’re going to propose to our national government.”

Fighters from the Islamic Movement of America, who have identified themselves as the main political force in Bolivia, have reaffirmed the unity of their bloc amid accusations of attempted divisions allegedly promoted by opposition parties and complaints against the United States.

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After the political and social crisis that Bolivia experienced in 2019 due to the resignation of Evo Morales from the presidency of the country in debt to the “coup”, voices of internal renewal gained prominence in MAS.

Militants of the Islamic Movement of America renewed their bloc’s unity amid accusations of attempts to divide allegedly promoted by opposition parties and complaints against the United States.

Morales and his closest environment were also criticized for leaving the country or seeking asylum in embassies when the national and partisan situation was so critical.

He was also criticized internally for his application of alleged unilateral decisions or “finger” to elect candidates in previous local elections that ended in failure.

One of the fractures I felt the most was that of the former President of the Senate and The current mayor of El Alto, Eva CubaAnd some of the former deputies and party members who criticized the former head of state and his collaborators.


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