European citizens detained in the UK

The post-Brexit relationship continues to deteriorate. Now the reason is the British policy of detaining European citizens visiting the UK, in many cases for job interviews.

more than 630 EU nationals detained under strict new immigration rulesMany of them were sent to detention centers upon arrival in the UK during the first three months of the year, according to figures from the UK Home Office.

In fact, we are faced with a general policy that does not only apply to EU citizens. It’s called a hostile environment. This has affected many immigrants from many places for many years. Because of Brexit, EU citizens have now been drawn into it. This hostile environment now applies to many of them when they try to enter the UK.Professor Tanya Bultmann from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland explains.

At the same time, the UK relies on skilled workers from the European Union to sustain the various industries. Also, in some cases, Many tourists and EU citizens visiting their families have also been caught up in the scandal.

“Industries in particular have been very, very concerned for a long time. They are also becoming concerned now when we know that tourists have gotten caught up in this, as many people think this is not good at all. Basically, the Home Office border officials are exaggerating and behaving erratically. disproportionate in many respects,” Boltman points out.

The Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for managing the new relationship between the EU and the UK, Maros Sefcovic, wants the UK to stop taking action. “unilateral measures”. I have ordered from London “calm” s “Focus on the future”.

In addition, in an interview on Sunday, he confirmed the fact that “Putting European citizens in holding cells or having their fingerprints taken just because they want to visit the UK is not helping the environment”EU citizens in the UK urge the Commission to insist on this All diplomatic options to resolve the conflict.

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