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Spain and Portugal have moved for months with the aim of submitting a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup, just as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay have done with South America.

European countries have a document ready, in which they establish the arguments that need to be taken into account. The initiative comes from Spain, the country that will occupy most of the stadiums and lead the organized plan to win FIFA’s favour.

And many Spanish media outlets echoed this candidacy after accessing the document, which is in the hands of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (FEF), which highlights the advantages of infrastructure and the geographical size of the Iberian state.

Spanish fans can return to their national team at the World Cup. Photo: Daniel Perez

according to Daily IceAccording to the project, 14 sites should be chosen to host the World Cup, of which 11 are in Spain and the other three are in Portugal.

“The Spanish government’s support for the possible World Cup on Spanish soil is complete, as Minister Miguel Esteta points out. It is an exceptional opportunity at the sporting, economic and infrastructural level, and it is believed that the country is fully capable of making a choice alongside Portugal,” AS reports, in its press release.

For its part, the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported, that the nomination of the two countries must have at least 72 sub-places attached to 14 places, of which 54 places are for Spain; In addition, the stadiums that can host the opening and final must hold more than 80,000 people.

“Given both variables, Spain will host 81% of all future nomination venues and 75% of sub-locations” identified Sports World.

Europe also had a proposal in the UK to host it, but it gave up organizing Euro 2028, so the Portuguese and Spaniards were left alone in bidding for Project 2030.


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