4 ways to activate Android Auto if you go on a trip

with driving mode

Android Auto disappear like app On smartphones in favor of the Google Assistant driving mode, one way you can activate Android Auto on your travels is to enable this mode. Thus, using your voice, you will be able to read and send messages, control multimedia files, make calls and more as long as you have Android 9.0 or later in an acceptable country, such as in Spain.

Update driving mode settings and Connect the phone to the car bluetooth. Once you do that, tap on the notification to start driving mode. You can also keep it automatically without receiving a notification in the settings, giving you «When the device is connected to the car’s Bluetooth » and start driving mode. If you like, you can say, Hey Google, let’s drive (Hi Google, let’s drive.)

If you enable it, your device will use an extension Bluetooth movement and communication to know when you’re in the car and it activates automatically so you can drive without getting distracted. You can change the options for this mode in its settings. To be able to use it in the car comfortably and safely, you will need good support Carrying a mobile phone, having it in your hand, of course, will entail a fine and a significant risk to your safety. The best thing is to have the mobile connected to the car charger.

Choose a destination on Google Maps

To turn on driving mode notifications, it will say on your phone Hey Google opens Assistant Settings. You will give “Transport” and then “Driving Mode” to the assistant. This setting is what you will need to start this mode from Google Maps. You can also activate the driving mode in Google Maps from the settings that will appear after giving your profile picture, in the navigation settings, in the driving mode management.

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To use Android Auto by choosing a destination on Google Maps, all you have to do is go to the app Google Maps and choose your destination (or whatever you want if you’re testing). Once you select the destination by searching for it or touching it on the map, will start And you can start using this service without needing anything else. To use service commands, you can say oh google Before or touch the microphone icon that you will find on the screen.


This is one of the simplest options you can find to be able to use this service, although you will also need good mobile support.

With Android Auto from Google Play

If you want to use Android Auto, one of the solutions you can turn to, if it is already installed or allows you to install it, is the mobile app. You will have to Search Android Auto in your app store google apps Once you have it, you can use it. It will soon begin to disappear from mobile devices, although some still have it. From Android 12 it can not be installed, but you will have other possibilities to use from driving mode.

android auto google play

You have many customization options and capabilities that will help you organize better Your travels on the road. You just have to start it when you are interested and take advantage of everything it has to offer you on your travels to avoid any distraction in the camper.

Android Auto
Android Auto

Connect the mobile to the car via cable

To use Android Auto, you’ll need the Android Auto app, a phone running Android 6.0 or later, a data plan, and a car compatible with the service. In addition, there should be no file High quality USB cable. You also have to keep in mind that some USB cables only work in certain cars, so you should make sure that this is the most appropriate one. You can try first with the device that came with the phone.

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USB connector cables

Your phone will need to wait or turn off completely the first time you connect. With a phone cord close at hand, plug it into an outlet USB data port for your car. You may then be asked to download the app and other related apps such as Google Maps or update to a newer version. If you don’t know Starts automatically, tap Android Auto or the display icon on the touch screen. Follow the instructions that appear to get started. When Android Auto is active, you will see a file mobile apps that you can access.

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