England vs Croatia match with public passport Covid-19 Eurocup

Fans attend the European Cup match between England and Croatia on Sunday You will be the first to use coronavirus vaccination passports for a sporting event in United Kingdom, UEFA said.

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All ticket holders 11 years of age or older must provide evidence of a low risk of transmission of COVID-19 to enter Wembley Stadium. Without proof, you will not be allowed to attend the match.”The European Football Association (UEFA) said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.

The European body has confirmed that UK-established ticket holders can access the stadium by submitting a negative antigen test or a test. Full vaccination, provided that both doses have been taken at least 14 days before the match.

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Ticket holders established elsewhere must submit a negative antigen test. In the first two matches in England in the group stage, In front of Croatia and Scotland at Wembley, there will be about 22,500 spectators, with a capacity limited to 25% of the capacity of London Stadium.

If the vaccination pass system proves effective, it could attract more spectators to Wembley in subsequent matches for the tournament. At this time, more than 27 million people, 50% of adults, have received A double dose of COVID-19 vaccination, while more than 40 million have received a single dose. France Press agency

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