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Liverpool, April 14th (EFE). The names of the groups that played for Liverpool FC Cavern appear in the bricks around it, just like those who led the great comeback in Anfield’s history etched with fire in the memory of the fans.

Oasis Queen, Los Kinks, Arctic Monkeys … There are many bands and artists congregating on Red Matthew Street, a street that begins with a statue, like Margul, of the Beatles, and absorbs with the sound of its cobblestones, where each step gives a pitch. Fab Four “.

It is an environment that has been in silence for four months. Four months during which reservations in the United Kingdom halted bars and restaurants in the country, until Monday, it created a small line of hope as the stands opened. This will heat things up on the banks of the cave, located in the heart of Matthew Street.

Fights on his front will be guaranteed. Not by entering the legendary first stage – in the UK – of the Beatles, but because both Real Madrid and Liverpool fans will fight to see who can make the John Lennon statue, who leans quietly on the bricks, find more time for your scarf.

Although Lennon, who now wears the colors of any team passing through Liverpool, has never recognized a particular shirt, as did his teammates Paul McCartney, and is equally politically correct between Everton, Liverpool and George Harrison. “If there was a third football team in Liverpool, it would be that team,” Harrison said. Only Ringo Starr, an Arsenal fan, broke the tonic.

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His takeoff club, yes, will remain silent. There will be no visits to a temple that knows better than what is closing. Inspired by the jazz clubs in Paris and first opened in 1957, the cave disappeared from the map twice. One in 1973, ten years after the Beatles last concert, and another in 1989.

First, the impulse that the British “Renfe” had taken over the construction buildings of the metro city and ended with the reopening of the club in a new location; And the second, because they lost their license after attacking an agent and putting their owners in prison.

To silence Anfield, it took more than a fight or desires to expand the British railroad. It took a global pandemic.

Throats who sang “ You Never Walk Alone ” before and after Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Barcelona in 2019 will have to stay at home. Or on the terraces of bars next to Anfield, but they won’t be able to make the pilgrimage to one of the stadium side doors to greet their loved ones among the torches.

Nobody’s poetry will stop when the most epic anthem in the world of soccer stops playing on the stadium’s public discourse system and people pick up the problem with their own voice.

La Caldera, the continuous concert that will become the meeting of the “reds”, will give way to silence. It would be a party without music. Match ‘a capella. An automatic version of one of the best songs ever.

Playing guitar solo with the same coolness that Mark David Chapman used in 1980 to reduce the chances of the Beatles returning to the cave, the place they left in 1963 and to which Brian Epstein promised him they would one day return.

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Fortunately, Anfield will roar again.

Manuel Sanchez Gomez

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