What does the N icon that appears on Android phones mean?

In this guide I solved a common puzzle in Google's operating system. This is what the letter N that you see in the status bar means

This is the N that appears on many Android phones. What does it mean?

In this guide, I will reveal to you one of the mysteries that many have not yet solved on their Android phones. What does the letter N that appears in the status bar of your device mean? First of all, I must tell you that there is nothing to worry about. In fact, it is an indicator that the system uses to warn that something has been activated or deactivated in the device, something similar to what happens with the letter P that appears in Android Auto applications. Let's wait no longer and solve the mystery.

This is what the N that you see at the top of the screen means on Android

the Status bar It is located at the top of your Android mobile screen. In fact, it is also present on iOS, although it displays less information due to the presence of Face ID. It displays a series of icons, each with a different meaning. For example, thanks to the status bar, you can know whether the mobile phone is connected to a WiFi network, whether you have 5G coverage and whether you have activated silent mode, among other things.

What does the N icon that appears on Android phones mean?

In HyperOS, the N in NFC doesn't look much like N either.

However, one of the most unknown symbols is N, which looks like what you see in the image above. What's behind it? Something small: Indicates that NFC is activated. If you are deeply familiar with this technology, we have revealed the mystery for you. However, if you don't quite know what we're talking about, we'll tell you more about your mobile phone's NFC technology.

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What is NFC? Near Field Communication, short for it in English, is a technology Short range wireless communications Which allows data to be exchanged between compatible devices when they are within very close proximity, usually a few centimetres. It uses electromagnetic fields to create a connection between devices, making it ideal for fast and secure transactions.

NFC is typically found built into smartphones, but also into credit and debit cards, tags, and other devices. Its versatility makes it a powerful tool for various applications. Below I will show you some practical examples of how to use NFC technology:

  • Contactless payment (contactless). It allows you to make secure payments by simply bringing an NFC device close to an enabled payment terminal. For example, it can be used to pay for public transportation using a mobile phone.
  • File transfer. Makes it easy to share files, photos, videos or contacts between compatible devices. This lets you share a music file or contact card between two NFC-enabled phones.
  • Secure access. NFC technically allows access to buildings, hotel rooms, or events through authentication using an NFC device. When applied, this can be used to use your cell phone as a house key or as a card at the gym. Other functions, such as unlocking and starting the car, are also being explored.
  • Smart tagging. Allows you to set up automatic actions on the device when it is brought close to a programmed NFC tag. You can, among other things, configure the NFC tag in the car to activate safe driving mode when a phone is connected.
  • Quick information. Provides quick access to information, such as websites, contacts, or locations, by tapping an NFC-enabled chip. It can be used in museums to get information about an artwork in the museum by holding the phone near the poster.
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As can be seen from this list, NFC technology is very versatile and allows users to perform a series of quick actions using their device. Many of them are important tasks, e.g Payment in stores Or carry a public transportation card on your mobile phone.

How to remove N from Android status bar

Please note that not all mobile phones display NFC N in the status bar. Without going further, Xiaomi phones with HyperOS only show this icon if the Control Center is open. Otherwise it appears hidden.

What does the N icon that appears on Android phones mean?

If you want to remove this icon from the status bar on your mobile phone because it appears permanently, you have two options:

  • Disable NFC. You can do this from the device's connection settings or directly from the control panel where the quick settings appear. Keep in mind that by deactivating NFC, you will no longer be able to pay with your mobile phone, and every time you do this, you must activate the connection. This can be difficult, especially if your primary payment method is mobile. If this is your case, it's best to keep NFC enabled and try the second option I suggest.
  • Hide the icon. Your phone manufacturer may allow you to hide the NFC icon in the status bar. Obviously, the presence of this setting depends on which layer of customization your terminal is running. In other words: There may not be a way to hide the NFC icon, or it may be there, but it depends on the manufacturer. If you can't find the option to remove the NFC code, your only option is probably to disable the connection or learn to live with it.
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If what you're concerned about is consumption, NFC is a technology that consumes very little power. Keep her active Very low impact on station autonomy. The fact that the icon remains active in the status bar has no effect in this regard. Hence, it is not a process that runs in the background and affects the operation of the mobile phone.

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