“It is a dangerous precedent that other countries could follow.”

The UK could send 52,000 people to Rwanda from July. This is half of the asylum seekers currently in the country. To save the halt of these deportations by judges, Parliament agreed that Rwanda was a safe countryHowever, this is not the case, according to what several experts told laSexta Noticias. Under this law, deportees will not be able to set foot on British soil again, as it is estimated that in 2022 alone 46,000 people arrived in the country across the English Channel. in 2023, 34,000; In the three months of 2024, more than 6,000.

Five people died this week in a new tragedy in the English Channel, just hours after the British Parliament's final approval of the migration agreement with Rwanda. This is the agreement that was defended by Rishi Sunak's government, under the pretext that the African country is a safe country. But experts warn against this law and stress that Rwanda does not respect human rights. Carlos de las Heras, Amnesty International's Head of Technology and Human Rights for Europe and the Middle East, explained:This security law is undoubtedly an ax of human rights in the United Kingdom.

The aim of this agreement is that any asylum seeker who enters the UK illegally can be deported to Rwanda. There, according to the British government, she will be protected. “The newspaper does not claim that Rwanda is a safe country,” de las Heras explains. “It has a terrible record of human rights violations.” For his part, Carlos Castilla, professor of human rights at Pompeu Fabra University, confirms that “the United Kingdom He protected it by giving it the category of safe countryBut the reality is that there are “serious threats to freedom of expression and the right to protest…” in the country.

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“Rwanda does not have a human rights status,” Castilla adds. While this law, on which Sunak's political survival largely depends, sends a message, humanitarian organizations say Very dangerous. He added, “The United Kingdom will send a message to the world that… The UN Refugee Convention can be violated without consequences.” The teacher picks up.

“This sets a dangerous precedent that could be followed by other countries,” warns Amnesty International's head of Europe and the Middle East. He adds that European Union countries usually respond to migration crises “with fear, walls, and closed borders to those trying to reach.” UN rapporteurs have already warned of the danger of this agreement, as has the Council of Europe. However, experts admit that there are only a few possible ways left to stop a new move against those who They are just looking for a better life.

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