ENAM 2023: This is the link to find out the results of the National Examination for Medicine

The National Medical Examination is held every year for medical students – Andina Credit

On Sunday, December 3 National medical examination (ENAM) 2023. Students who are in the final year of their studies, i.e. in a boarding school, and professionals participated in this event. Graduates both in Peru and abroad.

The testing is planned, organised, conducted and even validated beforehand Peruvian Association of Medical Colleges (Asivam). This assessment has been awarded for 20 years, since 2003. Since 2006, the exam has been a mandatory requirement for applying for National Resident Medical Systemso it gives the result.

In addition, this score also represents 70% of the score that is taken into account for the distribution of places in Rural urban fringe service Health, commonly known as Serums.

With serums, doctors have to work for a year in another area – Credit El Peruano

This test must comply with all properties Al-An’am rules. In addition, it must have other characteristics such as:

  • The questions come exclusively from the question bank Spivam.
  • The knowledge to be assessed will be drawn from the core competencies of a previously certified trainee physician Spivam It will form a table of specifications.
  • You have format Multiple target testing (POM) with four alternatives and only one correct answer.
  • Have more than 90% clinical case structure, prepared in an integrated question style. Knowledge should reflect application of basic science, public health, management, ethics, clinical and surgical fields. There will be a total of 180 questions that must be completed in a maximum of three hours.
  • There is no negative result.
In serums the results also depend on the social and economic conditions of the place – Infobae credit file

To know the results, all you have to do is access the Authority’s information management system website National medical examination. To do this, you must enter the following link: https://www.sigen.aspefam.org.pe/?enam_resultados_ordinario_2023

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Once in, simply enter the required information, which, according to the platform, “will be validated to provide access and proceed to obtain the qualification.” Therefore, you must enter the type, number and date of birth of the identity document.

The University of Piura has offices in Piura and Lima.

In the latest evaluation, there were some changes compared to last year’s results. For example, this is the most prominent one University of Piura Now in first place:

  1. University of Piura – 14697
  2. Cayetano Heredia University of Peru – 14,250
  3. National University of San Marcos – 13862
  4. Catholic University of Santo Toribio de Mogroviejo – 13763
  5. National University of San Agustin – 13279
  6. Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University – 13087
  7. National University of Piura – 13.084
  8. National University of San Antonio de Abad in Cusco – 13,030
  9. Peruvian University of Applied Sciences – 12,713
  10. Trujillo National University – 12698
  11. Hermilio Valdezán Huánuco University – 12,631
  12. National University of the Amazon of Peru – 12556
  13. National University of Cajamarca – 12410
  14. Catholic University of Santa Maria – 12386
  15. Jose Faustino Sanchez Carreon National University – 12343
  16. Peru Union University – 12214
  17. Tacna Private University – 12,074
  18. Antenor Origo Private University – 12001
  19. National University of Central Peru – 11989
  20. Jorge Basadre Grauman National University – 11,750
  21. Southern Scientific University – 11,581
  22. Ricardo Palma University – 11,578
  23. Andean University of Cusco – 11,532
  24. University of San Martin de Porres – 11492
  25. Federico Villarreal National University – 11422
  26. National University of Altiplano – 11328
  27. Continental University – 11238
  28. Cesar Vallejo University – 10912
  29. San Juan Bautista Private University – 10876
  30. Peruvian University of Los Andes – 10,761
  31. Ucayali National University – 10706
  32. San Luis Gonzaga National University of Ica – 10,584
  33. Lord Sipan University – 10506
  34. University of San Pedro -10.00
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One of the institutions that recognized this achievement for its students was: Catholic University of Santo Toribio de MogroviejoWho sent a message to his students via Twitter.

“We congratulate the promotion of medical school trainees as their efforts, dedication and commitment have placed USAT in 4th place in the National Medical Examination (ENAM) – December 2023. We are very proud of this recognition! Congratulations!”, the message reads.

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