Lionel Messi went to a bakery in the United States and revolutionized customers: “A normal day”

Lionel Messi She caused a sensation over the past few hours after visiting an Argentinian bakery in Florida, United States. The organization’s agents took pictures with the current captain of the Argentine national team and the Inter Miami player, and the pictures revolutionized social media networks.

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In a video shared on TikTok by user @GissellChirino6, you can see it Lionel Messi Enjoying the company of a colleague at the bakery, surrounded by fans who were looking forward to taking pictures and asking for autographs. The scene quickly went viral.

In the clip, the world football star appears as he leaves carrying a thermos and his companion in his hand, and the fans, who maintained a certain distance from him, took the opportunity to capture the moment. The user also shared a photo with the footballer on her TikTok account.

“A normal working day in the United States. ‘Messi has come’ The young woman commented in her post.

According to reports, Lionel Messi was at Milanos Bakery, a bakery in Florida near Fort Lauderdale, whose owners are Argentine and serve typical Argentine products.

Anger on social media over Lionel Messi’s visit to an Argentine bakery

The bakery took a photo on social media with the star and they liked it with a message below their post: “Nothing more after this. The biggest!” Furthermore, it was revealed that his bodyguard, Yasin Shioko, visited the company on other occasions.

Likewise, netizens revolutionized the platforms due to the footballer’s gesture.

“The most humble in the world”; “The simplicity of it! You are great at everything, Messi.” “They say I buy the bills first and the baguettes second.” “And on top of that he had a companion.” “There they behave so well!” “Here you can’t even breathe while you’re famous”; “You can’t get more Argentine than Messi”; Even if he went to Iraq, he would not be safe from the photos. “How big,” they commented.

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