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Aitana’s smile that makes Miguel Bernardo fall in love

Aitana on a cloud. Her relationship with actor Miguel Bernardo lasted two years and they couldn’t be happier. Since their paths crossed at the end of 2018 and decided to start a beautiful love story, Opération Triunfo contestant and son Anna Duateau cemented their relationship and over time decided to show their love with perfect nature. Days after protagonist “Elite” shared his first “family photo” in his living room, the Catalan singer did the same and posted a picture that makes her very in love. A picture in which Aitana’s smile explains everything as she embraces her son, who responds to her with an emoji for a face with hearts. View Gallery The shot caused a sensation among her fans, achieving nearly half a million “likes” within a few hours. “What a beautiful couple”, “love lives”, “handsome” or “no monkeys” are the comments of their followers for seeing them affectionate. Some colleagues did not hesitate to comment on the photo, like Claudia Salas, Miguel in Elite’s partner, and a wonderful friend of the couple who did not hesitate to praise their love program. – This is the interior of the Aitana Ocania house in Madrid. The couple lives on a perpetual honeymoon and their families are happy in fact, Aitana is another one in the Miguel family. Together they went through the confinement in the home of the actor’s family in Ibiza, and they are now in Madrid, where their careers continue to be successful. The OT singer just released her second album 11 Reasons Why and feeling excited to present it on Goya Night, Miguel launched himself to star in and produce the Playa Negra series for the first time. It is a project that appeared before the premiere of Elite, while studying at Los ng they are where he met Jacopo Aparicio, the Spanish producer, with whom he planned this thrilling movie that mixes one of his great feelings, surfing and suspense. Photo Gallery The novel, which will consist of eight chapters of one hour each, takes place in a fishing village in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) to tell the story of Hugo (Bernardo), a young man who arrives on the island with the intention of approaching a man who could be her father. On his way, he will join a group of surfers who want to succeed on a competitive level in the discipline and with whom he will share in the darkest secrets of the island. -How sexy! The photoshoot was for Etana, which Miguel Bernardo loved the most

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