ClubHouse gives you sound, so prepare

Club House In record time, it became one of the most popular social networks High fashion From the planet everyone is talking about it and it has been able to expand since then United State a EuropeIn a very short time. at EuropeIt started to sound loudly Germany s United kingdom Earlier this year it is already in countries like Italy, Holland, France The Spain. Celebrity appearances on the catwalk contributed decisively to this explosion. Europe This is not the limit and China He could be the next giant to start living a fever Club House.

For those who don’t know 100% what we’re talking about: what is Club House? It is a social network, voice only, that is, there is no chatting, you cannot send messages to other users, there are no texts for conversations, you cannot activate the camera or show a video and you cannot even give Like. It can only be accessed directly – or shared directly, or missed – and it’s a return to a more linear connection, and that’s where part of its charm lies. Besides all this, Club House It is characterized by its ease of use, accessibility and sharing capabilities that it provides to any user; The first time you walk it looks like something brand new, yet familiar at the same time. Once signed up for the app, just enter a room to listen and raise your hand if you think you have something relevant to say. Being very direct, Club House It removes hierarchies almost completely, there are no blue checkmarks, and it looks like there won’t be in the future, controlling who has the word is the responsibility of the moderators in every room, and this is important because anyone can create their own rooms. It all comes down to who you know, how well you know how to relate, and how well you know how to present yourself while chatting.

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Shades: Know them to soften them

Despite its ease of use, Club House It also has its shadows, which are not few, as many issues arise around this new social network, especially with regard to data privacy. First of all, you have to record your phone number for access, and if you want to invite other people, you must give the app full access to your phone book, which has related consequences, because by doing so, Club House Instantly create shadow profiles for every number saved in your phonebook. Other issues may arise regarding the content and opinions that may be expressed during the conversations. The essence of this social network is that everyone has a voice, but in this essence lies the greatest danger, as it could be an environment conducive to hate speech to make its way into some rooms. In this sense, and despite the fact that direct dialogue between people appears to have a moderating and controlling effect, this cannot be excluded Trolls And extremists are creating their own rooms in which restraint is demonstrated by its absence.

Club House It is not available for everyone, actually only for mobile users who have it iOS You can download it, at least for the time being, and to participate you must receive an invitation from a registered user (every new user has two invitations). Club House There are currently around 2 million users worldwide, and growing…. Although it does not seem to have a clear monetization model, it has already been valued at more than $ 1,000 million, giving “evidence” of its great potential.

“ClubHouse is exciting because it is a new type of social network, unlike any other network that exists today.”

It is difficult to predict which path this new social network will take or where it will develop, but what is clear is that it has arrived in time, when only audio content is in fashion (podcasts, audiobooks), and when due to the pandemic, we have had to reduce our social interactions. in this context, Club House It allows us to restore informal encounters and direct personal interactions in a virtual environment, which also allows us to participate in professional or personal issues, which is why it filled the void that people have missed and can be cited as one of the main reasons for its success.

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Keys to corporate use

But, from a company’s perspective, how can companies leverage this social network and incorporate it into their contact form? First of all, it should be borne in mind that the platform is currently officially limited to private use. In this regard, companies can start using them naturally, by hiring managers, or employees who want to work on their personal brands, and convey a positive image of the company, but always with well-trained and equipped spokespersons, with a well-planned, aware strategy. It’s a public forum. What happens in Club House, Don’t stay in Club House. Additionally, we can highlight some other ways to get involved from a company’s perspective, including:

Use it as a platform to establish contacts on common issues or even through private rooms for internal communication.

– To continue to develop Tell my stories The company, as it can be an excellent platform for organizing question and answer sessions with managers, or even for communicating in a crisis, because it provides the ability to communicate quickly and directly.

– Through shows, concerts, talks, live readings, or events with brand ambassadors.

– In cooperation with Influencers Or even with other companies spontaneously and new.

definitely, Club House It is exciting, as it is a new type of social network, unlike any other currently in existence. It gives us the opportunity to communicate in an original, different, more transparent way and closer to the audience. Often times it may seem like “Attitudes” and a self-design tool to some people, but on the other hand, it is addicting, fun, and a great place to connect with really interesting people.

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