Chile will host the World Economic Summit in March

Pushing women for equality between the field and men will continue to advance, and the economic zone will witness it … and Chile will be the champion.

The country will be the center of a global economics summit, which promises to attract attention all over the world, despite this through online presentations.

Cecilia Cifuents: “It certainly seems to me wrong. All of this should have been devoted to individual capitalization and not to distribution.”
Andrea Repetto: “What I’m not going to do today is raise taxes”

On 18 and 19 March, the Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) will be held in Chile, which is the only international forum focusing on the economy of women, which is held annually in more than 500 regional branches and with the participation of 150 countries, with the aim of following up initiatives for the economic advancement of women.

This forum generates connections with 250,000 supporters around the world, allowing networks and connections between them and, in this way, enabling entrepreneurship.

Some of these meetings were held in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe (The Hague, Amsterdam, Tomar, Lisbon, Ljubljana), the Nordic countries (Iceland), the Caribbean (Grenada), the Middle East and North Africa (Egypt, Tunisia). ); Australia, Mexico, Colombia, and India.

More about Economic Women Forum
  • Chile will host the World Economic Summit in March

The World Economic Forum will be held through a streaming platform with free access. The international organization appointed directors in Chile for Nicole Verdugo, Magali Alvarez, and Constanza Prats (Pictured), those who will be responsible for organizing and implementing this forum in our country.

The meeting will feature 14 speakers and 10 panel discussions, which will be attended by representatives from the business, political and social world. This year, it is expected to reach nearly 3,000 locally connected participants and over 5,000 internationally.

The topics to be covered will be “Women in the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Business with a Focus on Women”, “Involving Women in National and International Policies” and “Women and the Corporate World: Top Positions and Diversity”.

On Thursday of this week, the World Economic Forum was held in Spain, which included the Ibero-American bloc of the World Economic Forum, where the “Outstanding Woman Excellence” award was presented, which this time went to Nicole Verdugo, President of the Women and Work Chamber, for his personal and professional career .

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