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Now that the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Had to spend more time at Buckingham Palace Convenience, being able to talk on the phone is definitely a distraction. However, there are only two people to whom the King responds directly and personally when they call them.

Which is that its position as a British sovereign means that it cannot answer the phone like any human person. Every time a person contacts the place of residence where he is, It’s someone from the staff who attends It forwards the call to Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, in case she can answer it.

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Elizabeth II and her mobile phone

There is no way to speak to Queen Elizabeth II directly, or at least that is what is believed to this day. and that is It just revealed that British sovereignty You have a mobile phone Samsung brand employees with whom you can make calls as you wish and receive them as well.

The equipment worn by Queen Elizabeth II Encrypted by MI6 IT Professionals, British intelligence, to prevent pirates It can interfere and reveal the private data of the king and british royal family. Additionally, other unique details have also been shared.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom owns a phone for personal use that is encrypted to prevent hacking. (Photo: AFP)

I only answer two people

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom answered the phone for only two people, according to an expert in the English royal house, Jonathan Sacredotti. The first of them is his only daughter, Princess Anne of the United KingdomHe is the second of his four offspring.

The other lucky person who can boast that the Queen of England herself answers calls directly is called John Warren, Your Horse Racing Director, one of the great feelings the Queen had from a young age and which she also shares with her daughter Anna.

“He is the son-in-law of the Queen’s friend, the late Earl of Carnarvon, and his home was Highclere Castle in Berkshire, which TV viewers may know better. Downton AbbeySacredotti commented on Warren, One of the most important horse breeders From the world.

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