Mexican dancer Damara Velasquez wins MapDance UK

to Damara Velasquez Dancing is a vocation and a vocation, which he does with the same dignity as any other job, but due to the lack of opportunities and working rights that existed for the art in Mexico, he decided to try abroad, and there he found his calling. Looking for.Search.

The 27-year-old dancer, originally from Mexico City, became the first Mexican to take part in the programme MapDancedepends on University of Chichester in the UK.

This company recruits young artists internationally to join its ranks, where they can continue their training in the world of dance, through residencies, courses and workshops with experts in the field, while having the opportunity to perform across the country as part of the group's tour.

As a graduate Dance School at the Olin Cultural Center Yulestli and holds a bachelor's degree in Cultural managementIn addition to the years of experience working in the Mexican artistic scene, in an interview with the media Milenio, the dancer realized the difference between the perception of the artist as a professional in the United Kingdom and in Mexico, where this is not the case in most cases. They do not enjoy adequate financial compensation for their work.

“[En México] There is no social support. The artist deserves the same benefits as any other type of work, and people are surprised that artists ask for health insurance and a salary.”

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This situation was even reversed when she was accepted into the program, as she had to resort to the docking station Go finance me For resources needed for your stay in the UK.

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Fortunately, this strategy Pay He was able to obtain enough support to be able to participate in the program through which he hopes to direct his career towards professional contemporary dance companies in other parts of the world.

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