Elections for deputies begin in the Russian State Duma – Prinsa Latina

Polling stations opened from Friday through Sunday, between 8:00 and 20:00 local time, the Eurasian State Central Electoral Commission said.

Because of the time difference, the residents of Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and the Russian Magadan region, in the far east of the country, were the first to start voting and the rest of the regions were not merged.

As of July 1, 108 million 145,648 voters and about two million 60 thousand overseas voters have registered to participate in the voting.

In addition to the votes of the Chamber of Deputies, elections for the heads of nine constituent entities of Russia will be held (in the other three they will be elected by deputies of legislative assemblies) and 39 regional parliaments.

Half of the 450 lawmakers in one federal district are chosen by party lists; The other 225 districts are in single-mandate districts, at a rate of one deputy per district.

In order to be represented in the State Duma, political parties must exceed five or six percent of the vote, allowing them to secure a seat and two respectively, and if they get more than seven percent, they can already have representation.

According to the Central Election Commission, the elections are secret and based on the universal, equal and direct suffrage guaranteed by law, regardless of gender, race, nationality, origin, property and social status.

The right to vote is granted to citizens who have attained the age of eighteen years on or before the polling day, who have full political and civil rights and who are not imprisoned by a court ruling. Participation in elections is free and voluntary.

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The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged residents to participate in the elections directly, but indicated that they could also practice remote electronic voting.

He stressed that choosing a new parliament is the most important event in the life of society and the country.

“We are all interested in bringing to Parliament responsible, energetic and qualified people, who are able to fulfill their promise, fulfill their obligations and promises, respond to the hopes and confidence of the citizens of Russia,” Putin said.

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