Election campaign ends in Nicaragua four days before the elections

During this process, participants complied with the health measures for the prevention and control of Covid-19 established by the Ministry of Health, including avoiding face-to-face mega events and prioritizing virtual communication mechanisms to disseminate their government plans.

According to the Supreme Council for Elections (CSE), the institution adhered to the previous timetable for voting on November 7 and reported in detail about the development of activities, dates and procedures for the participation of citizens and political organizations.

The entity intervened on October 13 to review and certify the individual electoral ballot, along with the legal representatives of the parties; As well as in appointing 80,754 people and taking oaths as members of JRVs.

The authorities were involved in checking the availability and quality of indelible ink, an additional measure of transparency, which ensures that the ballot is conducted only once and, in accordance with national legislation, freely, universal, confidential and individual.

Last Monday, they checked the content and transfer of 13 thousand 459 election bags to various state departments with documents, auxiliary materials, indelible ink and safety seal and announced the prohibitions established for Election Day.

In the election, President Daniel Ortega will seek his fifth term, his fourth in a row (since his 2006 victory) and a second with his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, against five opposition formulas for the country’s highest office.

In addition to the governmental Sandinista National Liberation Front, there are candidates for the presidency of the Liberal Constitutional Party, the Nicaraguan Christian Order, the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance Party, the Alliance for the Republican Party and the Independent Liberal Party.

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