EU prepares for more sanctions against Belarus over “hybrid attack”

The European Union plans to give the green light on Monday to the new Additional penalties a Belarus About the “hybrid attack” that allegedly launched a system Alexander Lukashenko when paying immigrants to me Frontera European.

Foreign ministers are waiting Agreeing to a new legal framework To promote the fifth round of sanctions. After the last elections in the country, the Community Bloc imposed various penalties on those who were obstructing the return to the institutional system.

The political agreement for this new framework was reached at the level of European ambassadors. The only thing missing is the approval of the ministers, but names cannot be added to the blacklist.

The European Union is “exploring” the possibility Punishment of ‘uncooperative’ European airlines and “accomplices” in the transfer of immigrants. The European Commission asserts that it has obtained the commitment of several airlines to prevent the arrival of these people on Belarusian territory.

Lukashenko’s regime is accused of organizing these trips to bring migrants to the external borders of the European Union with Goal from exert political pressure.

Reverse penalties

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Vladimir MakeyHe told the European Union Chief of Diplomacy, Josep Borrell, This Penalties imposed It backfires. This was stated in a telephone conversation.

This conversation occurred on eve of the meeting Celebrated on Monday in Brussels with external addresses.

It’s about five Sanctions package from past elections in the country that lEU-branded fraud.

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