Telegram is updated with “super speed”, requests to join groups and more news

Telegram has been updated once again, this time with new functions aimed at making it easier to find shared files.

A new update is on its way for users cable. The instant messaging app has been updated to insert a file Good bunch of news interesting on both iOS and Android, and now available in the latest version of the app.

Among the changes, the arrival of the new “Super Speed” mode stands out when navigating through the gallery of documents shared in chats, or the “Calendar view”, which allows you to view Shared documents on a specific day. Additionally, there is other news that promises to continue improving the app experience.

Telegram has been updated once again with great news coming to the app today.

All the news coming to Telegram today

The first news that Telegram announced today is the so-called Super Speed ​​Mode in scrolling. This function allows you to move faster through the multimedia gallery of each chat, through a file The date bar is located on the right side of the screen. In addition, it will be possible Zoom in or out Through the “pelizcar” gesture on the screen.

Telegram also introduces a new profile View calendar in chats, where you can see a file Files sent or received according to its history.

On the other hand, new options have also been added to Filter shared media files to show only photos, only videos, or both. To do this, you just have to touch the chat header and scroll down. From there, that will be necessary Click on the menu icon.

View calendar in Telegram

Telegram’s calendar view allows you to quickly jump to shared files on a specific day.

The Channels and chats are also subject to changes With the arrival of this new update, including the possibility of Create invitations It will require Administrator’s approval.

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Likewise, to give administrators greater control, the . option Assign unique names to each invite link, so it is easy to categorize and organize.

In addition to the already classic inclusion of New interactive emojiHowever, this version of Telegram also introduces specific changes to iOS versionIncluding New global chats -which will appear soon on Android-, watch option Estimated time to reach common sites, Option Quickly add comments to submitted photos, or a revamped settings menu.

The announced news is available at The latest version of Telegram, which can now be downloaded on iOS and Android through the App Store and Google Play.

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