El Salvador and the United Kingdom will continue trade relations

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The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will not affect the trade relationship between El Salvador and this country, due to the agreement between Central America and the United Kingdom signed in 2019.

With the alliance, El Salvador and Central American countries ensured that preferential terms for trade with the United Kingdom were maintained, and vice versa.

According to Carolina Palma is a trade and customs lawyer at EY Lou, “Central American governments have done a very good job, achieving the legal security necessary to ensure that trade in our region continues without major problems. What the said agreement does is interpret the provisions of the partnership agreement“.

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On 17 October 2019, the UK and the EU announced a new revised agreement, which was endorsed by European leaders, paving the way for an orderly exit. Two days later, after losing the vote on an amendment in Parliament, Johnson was forced to request an additional extension until January 31, 2020, against his will.

Finally, on 20 December, the House of Commons ratified Johnson’s withdrawal agreement, by 358 votes to 234 votes against. On January 23, 2020, Queen Elizabeth II gave her approval to the text, thus completing the entire procedure.

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On January 24, Johnson officially signed the agreement that will end nearly five decades of shared history between the UK and the EU.

“The UK is going through a difficult time with its domestic politics, but the ideal situation is that despite the turbulent situation, trade can continue to flow to the rest of the world. This country has made a democratic decision to leave the European Union, and this should not mean Damaging, or even strengthening, trade or political relations with other regions. However, it is important to be updated regarding exit negotiations and what implications they may have for businesses.

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